Hijabi Hooligan Cosplay

It’s fantastic work from cosplayer Hijabi Hooligan. Look at the little rivets on the star! This is the kind of creation that shows off the best parts of fandom: the parts that are creative, that reinterpret things in a personal way. Also, it just makes me smile to see how happy she is.

Katharine Trendacost of i09

Year of Origin: August 2016

Narrative Bender (leading figure or figures behind the movement)
Hijabi Hooligan Cosplay

Platform of Origin: Facebook (she now has 15,179 followers) She was first promoted to attention in August of 2016 by the @WCAvengers (West Coast Avengers) who pointed their 319 followers. This was then picked up by popular science fiction and fantasy blog i09 (formerly of the Gawker network, now of the Gizmodo blog network) and reshared in a short article.


The Wound & The Bent Narrative
Hijabi Hooligan hasn’t made a statement about her costume that indicates that she considers herself part of a specific social movement, but as Trendacosta notes above, cosplay is a form of social expression that creates room for embodied fanworks to show and be the world that fans want to see. So, it is not a small thing that she is a female (genderbent) Captain America and that she is also wearing the hijab. That Captain America and all that he stands is available and – quite literally – on the body and in the body of a Muslim woman is a visual salve against the wounds of the country against women and Muslim. It’s not perfect, comprehensive, or a widespread act – but it is a personal reclaiming and integration and so allows the viewer to carry all of these concepts – femininity, American, patriotism, and Islam – in one moment.

Cosplay to me means many things. It’s freedom from the stress of normal life, and to some extent it allows me the opportunity to live vicariously through the characters I cosplay and that gives me more confidence to talk to people and have fun! Cosplay for me also means making a statement. I am a Muslim, hijab-wearing woman, and there is a lot of stigma surrounding the hijab. I want to show people that choosing to cover up does not deprive me of anything that my fellow women have — I can still have fun without compromising my faith!

Hijabi Hooligan,
Black Nerd Problems Interview

Notable Bends

Hijabi Hooligan has inspired fanart from other fans.




Fans offered to start a GoFundMe to assist Hijabi with a “proper” metal shield for her cosplay and she asked that they isntead donate to the GoFundMe page to assist Syrian refugees that she created after her cosplay went viral. This is fully funded, but still active and so I’ll link to it here.




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